Dental Implant Restoration

To restore a smile, whether for functional or cosmetic reasons, Dr. Caledonia can replace missing teeth with dental implants. First, he will refer a patient to a surgical specialist to have an implant placed. Dr. Caledonia then completes the procedure by inserting an abutment and a crown into the implant.

The process usually takes anywhere from 3 to 9 months to complete, however the implant itself can be placed in one day. A healing time of 3 to 4 months is needed to ensure the body will accept the implant. Once the healed gums have been examined, the abutment and crown can be delivered in about 3 weeks.

Requirements  For  Dental  Implant  Candidates:

A patient needs to have a healthy body, gums and bone structure to ensure that the body will accept the implant. Things that can cause an implant to fail include a history of diabetes and smoking or drinking heavily. Dr. Caledonia will discuss this with the patient and customize the treatment plan accordingly.


Dr. Caledonia and his team are focused on providing high-quality dental care and an exceptional patient experience in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Since 1981 Dr. Caledonia has been dedicated to building trust and confidence with patients and the dental community.

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