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Technological Advances in General Dentistry

Curious to know how the technological advancements of today’s modern world have changed the face of general dentistry? Well, like with everything else, as time goes by, technology continues to improve, upgrade, and change. And when it comes to innovations in modern dentistry, there are no exceptions. Recent improvements include the use of lasers, digital X-rays, in-house crowns, and even chairs with massagers! In this article, you’ll learn about some of the most significant advancements in general dentistry.

Impressions, Cone Beam Imaging, and Digital X-Rays

As the name implies, digital X-rays use computer technology to produce clear images with a lower dose of radiation. Cone beam imaging is similar to the technology used in CT scans. In general dentistry, the device rotates around your head to capture 3D views and find diseases not detected on conventional X-rays. Digital impressions are highly accurate and take just minutes, as imaging devices use optical scanning and lasers to eliminate the need for traditional impression materials. With these highly technical devices, there’s no need for you to feel apprehensive about ever visiting the dentist again. All you need do is sit back and relax while the machines do all the work, pain-free and stress-free.

Air Abrasion

This is a soundless way to remove stains and decay from your teeth. It uses tiny silica or aluminum oxide particles, propelled by compressed air, to easily and gently wear away unneeded material. This treatment method is great if you have dental anxiety, or if you don’t like the noise of a conventional dental drill. Even more, when you see an experienced dentist, like Dr. Dana Caledonia of Houston, you can watch your favorite TV programs during your appointment.

Dental Lasers

Diode lasers offer another high-tech way to detect tooth decay or to place fillings and implants. These lasers typically eliminate the need for regular dental tools like drills and scalpels. The real perk with this general dentistry technology is that you’ll experience less pain because you’ll need little to no anesthetic.

CAM/CAD Technology

In the past, when you needed a dental crown, you would have to make two visits. However, with CAM (computer assisted manufacturing) and CAD (computer-assisted design) technology, dentists can simply drill teeth to prepare for crowns, and then take computer-generated images. The images are then sent to the CAM machine, which makes your crowns right there in the office! This way, you don’t have to come a second time for installation or wear a temporary crown between visits.

Painless Procedures

Painless injections are a substantial advancement in general dentistry technology. For instance, the DentalVibe device uses vibration technology to block pain sensations during injections. This FDA-approved device is ideal for patients who are afraid of needles, and it relieves anxiety for dentists and patients alike. It is fairly new, so this is a device to be on the look-out for.

Connect With the Right Dentist

Today’s dental technology has made procedures faster, more economical, and more consistent while reducing radiation exposure and diminishing patient discomforts. Even more, it’s now easier than ever to contact your dentist to schedule an appointment!

If you live in the Greater Houston area, get to know Dr. Dana Caledonia and our professional team of dental practitioners. We’ve served in general dentistry for over 30 years and we’re happy to serve you! For more information, contact Dr. Dana online, or give us a call at 713-626-5151 to schedule your next appointment.